Bearer of the Fire Amulet, Book One


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"A cinematic fantasy adventure"
pressenet review (refers to the German edition)

Bearer of the Fire Amulet
The Sacred Volcano
Book two of the fantasy saga

There's no stopping them! Two friends face the challenges of a dangerous world!

Kard and Madad, two brave friends, are on a mission to save their world from the evil clutches of the tyrant Flanakan. The menacing Laoch and his beasts are still hot on their heels to get the minas sword - a weapon with magical power. Now everyday counts! On their way to the Old City, they encounter all sorts of strange creatures - are they friends or enemies? Will they find Saint Onchu, who is supposed to consecrate the minas sword? Why did Wallas, the leader of the resistance, choose him of all people for this seemingly impossible task? Kard realizes that he is only a plaything for powers he can neither see nor control. It’s not only his life is in danger, but the future and freedom of all beings of the realm of Haragor is at stake!

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Bearer of the Fire Amulet
The Magic Sword
Book one of the fantasy saga

With humor and power against oppression!

At the behest of his master, sixteen-year-old Kard made a magic sword only to find himself targeted by the tyrant Flanakan who will do anything to get his hands on the powerful weapon.
Pursued by the empire's most brutal henchman, betrayed by his best friends, and threatened by unearthly creatures, Kard regrets making the sword, but now it’s too late. On his journey, he encounters others who are interested in the sword. He must prevent the sword from falling into the wrong hands, not just to save his life, but also to prevent a brutal war.
Join Kard and his talking dog Madad in the medieval realm of Haragor and fight alongside him in the name of freedom.

A progression fantasy epic with half-giants, Amazons, vampires, fish creatures and dragons!

"A cinematic adventure" pressenet review*
*refers to the German edition: "Der Junge mit dem Feueramulett: Das magische Schwert"!

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Wolf Five - The Magic Agent

Young Adult Fantasy Thriller

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

We are all controlled - by a secret lodge of ruthless magicians!

In a world of consumerism and technology, Wolf Five discovers an ancient plot that will threaten the balance between the magical and non-magical worlds. As an archaeologist and anarchist hacker, Wolf Five joins a small but determined resistance movement of wizards to stop a powerful alliance of ruthless magicians. With his beloved Nana and loyal friends by his side, Wolf Five embarks on a dangerous mission to save the world from destruction. But can he tell the difference between lies and truth? Find out in this thrilling fantasy cyber adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
If you enjoyed Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone or the The Illuminatus! Trilogy, you'll love this thrilling fantasy cyber adventure!

"The book ... is extraordinary - I have never read anything like it. What's more, it strikes a chord with the times." lovelybooks review*

*Review refers to the German edition with the title: Magic Stoner

Also available on Kindle Unlimited
Hello, I am Frank!

I was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, in 1966. While studying literature and film in Berlin, I wrote my first novel - the very novel that I published many years later as "Wolf Five - The Magic Agent".

Since graduating, I've been working as a trailer editor in Munich. With a family and my own company, I didn't have much time to write apart from a few short stories.

It wasn't until 2016 that I started writing a fantasy series, which has since been published as a series entitled "Bearer of the Fire Amulet".

That's about me - but the books and the themes should speak for themselves, and I hope you enjoy reading them. Terry Pratchett is a role model - I think it's great how he is entertaining in his books and weaves in very profound thoughts.

I have also been working as a coach since 2024 - you can find me at!
Frank Pfeifer

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